Winn Insights

These are Winn Terafin insights to aid NPC development. The DM is responsible for adding anything they want to enhance this NPC.

My second child was born today. What a beautiful boy, just like his father. He has my eyes though, which I am thankful. His brother has his father’s and it would have been a shame to not see myself in my own children. Maybe we will try for a third. I hope it will be a girl. Kayla, that would be a beautiful name, for a beautiful little girl.

My family…slaughtered. The Elves, they made it to Torin. Penn said we had time, and the ship would have left in two days, but the Elves, they ambushed from the sea. We never had a chance. I find myself with hundreds of others. Mothers, fathers, widows, orphans. So much pain, so little hope. What…what will I do?

The orphans – no one helps them. Everyone is too concerned with themselves to pay attention to broken children whose only hope is following. I gave one little boy, Arren, some of my food. He seems wonderful. So much like my William. His eyes are intelligent and so amazing. One is a light grey, like the clouds of a thunderstorm rolling into the plains. The other is a faded green, like the underside of a leaf of an ironwood. Strong and sturdy. I told Arren that much. He is strong and sturdy.

A man in Berathion stood out to me today. He was massive, but with the kindest and purest heart. A Cleric of Sehanine I believe. His name was Veth. I told him I wanted to start an orphanage in Fareen for the children. He commended my will amidst the circumstances. He said he would help if he could. I thanked him for his offer. Though, I must admit, it would be nice to have help. Maybe I will see him tomorrow before I leave.

There are so many children in Fareen, it’s incredible. I am thankful to Veth for helping and our new helper, a little Wizard of a Gnome, named Cyrxx offered to volunteer his services. He seemed glad to be able to do something about this war. He offered to help with children who might possess the Gift, and I told him to work his magick. He chuckled at the humor and I felt pretty good about my wit. He’s a fun fellow. I can tell he’ll be good to have around for the children.

The Captain of the Guard brought another body to me today for identification. It pains me to see the choices that my children have made, but I must persevere. For every one who falls, I must believe I have saved five others. It is the only way to get through these times. But today was especially difficult. The boy was Arren, one of my firsts. And he had a tattoo on his arm – an extinguished candle. I have heard rumors of such things. And if they are stealing my children, well, a mother’s wrath is what they shall feel. Captain Jae may be able to help. I’ll talk to him in the morning.

They are more prevalent than I would have imagined. How did they become so cemented? Are the Paladin’s no longer enforcing the border rules? And how are they escaping the city guards? Captain Jae and I have figured out numerous hideouts and made substantial gains in thwarting them, but they keep growing. More and more reports and fewer and fewer orphans. If only Veth or Cyrxx were hear, they would know what to do. I guess, though, I am on my own. I must defend my children, for everyone’s sake.

What is this consciousness? What are these visions before me? These woods, I do not know them. This woman, I do not know – wait, Alaiya? Corellon, no! You – I was with my children! William, Kayla, no! This can not be! I will not let end like this!

Veth? But he…no… Kay–, no Alaiya. And there’s Stoyan. Why, why are my children here?

Winn Insights

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