Veth Insights

These are Veth Grassier insights to aid character development. The player is responsible for adding anything they want to enhance their character.

A woman passed through today, a refugee from Torin. There was something about her that compelled me to offer assistance. It is normal for us to aid those fleeing Brienalas’s wrath, but her, there was something different. She was not broken, though her body and looks appeared to be. It was her eyes though, they were strong, defiant, willful. She would stand to rise again. She is strong and I…

I only caught her name. Winn, Winn Terafin. She said she was heading to Fareen.

A small boy came to us today, not unlike the other orphans. His blond locks and blue eyes were a mess. Full of mud and tears, but he refused a bath. Funny little boy doesn’t even realize how much he smells. Maybe to him, it isn’t important, but to Winn, hygiene matters. He’s like a little puppy, this boy. Appears to not like the bath, but, once the scrubbing commences, and the warmth and kindness of the hands embrace him, he starts to smile. I think he’ll like it here, this boy, Stoyan.

Stoyan, he nearly got the better of my today. His eagerness and thirst for battle are strong, but his overzealousness often outdoes him. It’s his weakness, and I’m lucky I know it. I fear the one who doesn’t – they won’t stand a chance.

But, as Stoyan often does, he left to go sulk. The boy can’t accept losing, doesn’t like it. I think he thinks losing makes him weak, and that isn’t what he wants to be. He can’t understand that losing teaches us, lets us know what we need to work on. Winning is a horrible teacher – it breeds confidence, and overconfidence, and leads to haughtiness and mistakes. Losing, it humbles you, forces you to look at yourself and better yourself. But for both you need the mental fortitude to survive. I fear Stoyan lacks that fortitude. And I fear I am running out of ways to teach it to him.

I can’t believe…After so many years, what did I do? Why, why did I risk so much? This shame…it is too much…I have to repent, to atone for my sin. I let myself become too involved…I must leave, the sooner the better. In the morning, before day break. I will leave a letter to Stoyan…maybe I shouldn’t. To Winn, then…Would she…? The sooner, the better; the sooner, the better.

The Horde is relentless! Everyday more Paladins return, mangled and injured. It is as thought he will of the gods abandons them before the might of the foul creatures. Their pain is monumental, but they say not to pray for them. They say, instead, to pray for those captured. Ones who are taken by the Horde, men, women, it matters not, those are the ones that we should pray for the pity of the gods. Will this nightmare never end?

Winn…is dead? I’ve already relinquished my position and have taken leave. I explained everything to Melidia, the High Priestess. She was reluctant, feeling I served a greater purpose here, but, by Sehanine’s grace, she let me go. I’ll be in Fareen in three days. Perhaps…perhaps, if I hadn’t…she would still be here.

I will avenge you, Winn. By Sehanine, I will.

I find myself in an unusual place with unusual folk. Cyrxx Kwikk, the eccentric Wizard, he returned for Winn as well. It lightened my heart that he returned, but he seems different, absent-minded at times. He floats in and out of personalities, though he still is a mischievous fellow. Stoyan, however, seems to be irritated with him.

The boy has changed too. Stronger, more powerful, and he’s found Tempus. Not my preference, but I am happy he’s found the Light. He’s still moody, which only seems to egg Cyrxx on, and, unfortunately, he’s still too zealous about fighting. His arrogance, apparently, has yet to be worked out of him.

And then there is little Alaiya, though she is not little anymore. Heh, I barely recognized her and never would have noticed if she hadn’t greeted me. She’s been around the Orphanage a lot, helping Winn out, bless the girl. Well, woman.

But all of this is neither here nor there. I find myself in a cavern of sorts, some place beneath Fareen. We were had by a culprit of sorts. We’re working on a way out, hopefully sooner rather than later…Oh, here comes Cyrxx for his shift. Heh, his little legs are funny.


It feels as though my body is closing up! This pain…


What…foulness is this? What…was on… blade? My power…No, Sehanine, I need you. Guide my hand. The nurse…I need to send word…Durian…Pelor…

Flashes of light and darkness surround me. The feeling of floating and falling, resting and moving encompass my body. If I feel pushed, a pull quickly compensates. If I experience cold, then I feel hot. It is as though my mind is trying to…balance. What is happening to me? Why am I at war with myself? What I am fighting?

The boy stands before me? Wait, where am I?

Why is he bloodied now? What is this sensation? Sehanine, where are you? My goddess…

Winn! How?! What sick bastardization of life is this? Why is she fighting…Alaiya? Who are these other people? Where is Cyrxx?


This…this is…without taint…without lacking…Stoyan, boy. You are crying. You still carry your pain. Let it go.

Veth Insights

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