The Calm

“They are vile, despicable, lesser beings. They cut down our trees, desecrate our land, and abuse the wilds. They take what they want, entitle themselves to that which they have not earned. They will not sit idly by forever, this much I know. Already they encroach upon our forests, seeking out more ways to perverse our woods. I say we strike now and hope to eradicate them from this plane. Let us adorn our walls with their heads and feed the land with their blood and flesh. Let us give to the land that who has taken the most from it. Let the land heal itself from their perversions. I swear to you, Delagraad will be better for it.”

~Brienalas Riverwood, The Blood King, 492

Brienalas ferenilas   alive   cropped

The war, simply called the Calm, was waged in the vengeful wrath of a delirious prince. Ransacking the lands in hopes of mass genocide, Brienalas, the Blood King, swept through Delagraad nearly unopposed. For seven years, Elvish forces tormented Human villages, quashing pockets of resistance as they appeared. The Dwarves rallied behind the walls of Gimlora and defended their lands and the treacherous mountain passages of the Kaliois against Elvish scouting parties and the occasional invading militia.

“Gather your axes boys. We breach the light o’ day and bring with it the darkness o’ Dwarven steel. They’ll be drinking to our names ‘til the end o’ time. And if not, we’ll at least get a fight outta it.”

~Gerrinflax Ironroot, Dwarven Degan, 494

The Calm

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