Lan Insights

These are Lan insights to aid NPC development. The DM is responsible for adding anything they want to enhance this NPC.

That was easy. Who knew the whole infrastructure could be destroyed in a matter of days. The amount of planning took a lot of time, but the results. They never saw it coming. I wonder what will happen now? Will we move on? Will we stay here? What are we doing to do now? Can we do it again?

These border guards are morons. All you have to do is throw a smile their way, show some skin, and they’ll let anyone pass. Even the uptight ones fall prey to a well hand and a whispered promise. Have to admit though, I like using some of them. More beneficial than others. Helps keep the traffic open, too.

Bah, Fareen is crawling with annoying pests. It was easier to break the others. I can see why they wanted time spent here. Have to work slowly and precisely to achieve this goal. Luckily there’s a large influx of talent. Just got to get to them early.

What’s with the orphan mother sniffing around like a bloodhound? She think all her little puppies play nice? That bitch has got to learn that sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong is gonna get her bit. Hard. I wonder how she’d react….Yes, that might do it. Arren will be perfect.

He wanted another meeting. Checking progress he says, but I can tell he’s losing faith. It’s slower than planned. The bitch has alerted the guards, which is making things run slower. She’s going to pay, and I’ll see to it that every single one of her misfit puppies is delivered right into my pen. Her puppies will become my hounds.

Things have been set in motion and her puppies are following my ploys. They get close, like a dog on a chain, but they always get snapped back. It is quite amusing to watch. Just watch, you’ll all become my hounds.

How in His name did they find us? We were told no one else knew of those statues. And they burst from the woods yipping and snarling? We didn’t even find her! They even managed to slaughter twenty of my men! If they are on to us, then who knows how much they know.

Were we betrayed? Is someone speaking? I thought I knew my men, but if one is…We must take greater precautions if we continue. He won’t be pleased with this turn of events.

Apparently they kept their word and fled south. They can be good for something, men who chase the coin. They can keep them, it matters not to me. We got what we needed. I shall see him again tonight. And then, a few more days, and it will begin. Everything will come to fruition and this world will suffer as I have. They will share in my pain.

We have him, just like it was planned. The contact in Fareen proved more than useful and made the acquisition seamless. We will begin preparing the locale for the ritual. Nearly everything is in place. Just a few more nights, on the fifteenth, everything shall be ready. With the full moon…well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Though my task is coming to a close.

The bodies are prepared and I find quite the bit of satisfaction in using these two. The Rogue shall be first, an unfortunate man. Chose the wrong place to be sniffing around. However, he will allow us to see which of the three ways will be best. And give Him a better idea of how to proceed. One dead from the poison, one alive with its taint, and the other dead, injected later. Speaking of which, this puppy of hers continues to struggle, crying out to the gods. If we didn’t need him alive, it’d just be easier to quit its yapping. Now the bitch, I’m looking forward to seeing her face again. Too bad she won’t know it was me. And too bad I won’t get to go in for an encore.

Our patrols have been attacked again. He says it’s the wolves, but I’ve never seen wolves do this. They’re coming, but they shouldn’t be able to make it through the barrier. Not without help…

It’s a success! But these damned pups have appeared so we’ll need to test them before we can gather more information. They’re more like fleas than dogs, always nagging. But the look on their faces…mere moments and it shall all unfold. He just needs some more time to finish channeling the power…

Who was that? She has not been with them before. We had tails on them and they had not returned anywhere…No, she couldn’t be. NO! How did they find her?! How did they free her?! How did they know…No, it can’t be, it must be a coincidence. A sick, cruel twist of Fate to throw that at me. But, the rumor was true, she was as skilled as I had imagined. If we, if I could just convince her…

Lan Insights

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