Elias Insights

These are Elias Burrow insights to aid character development. The player is responsible for adding anything they want to enhance the character.

Master Ulik won’t let me stay. It’s not like it was my fault that the compounds didn’t mix properly. It had to be Harrin. He never liked me. But at least some good came out of it. While waiting in Ulik’s room, I was able to see a few of the projects he was working on. Some of that stuff was fascinating. Too bad he made his decision quickly.

One thing in particular were moving parts. From what I could tell, some mages in the past were able to fuse their magic with inanimate objects and bring them to life. Amazing that we haven’t been able to duplicate this. If only Harrin hadn’t…

Can’t say this is the most glorious life I’ve led, but it’s free. Traveling around, collecting strange knick-knacks and such, running my experiments my way. This is the life. Ulik, Aureon watch him, never would understand that in order for the great minds to work, they needed freedom. The outdoors, the versatility, the openness! A stuffy lab is no way to experiment. Use the world! That should make its way into our guidelines. Yes – the Artificer’s Freedom! I like it a lot.

Some strange folk rescued me from some bandits the other night. Wanted to make off with my components or something, but they taught them good. Especially that Cyrxx fellow. He’s keen. A little on the absent side, like, his common sense is absent, but he’s a good Gnome to have around. Same goes for the big guy, Stoyan. But he’s good to have around for a different reason. People like hitting him, and if they’re hitting him, they aren’t hitting me. That’s as good a reason as any to have him around.

Elias Insights

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