Durian Insights

These are Durian Feivord insights to aid in NPC development. The DM is responsible for adding anything they want to enhance this NPC.

When will that old codger resign? I’ve slaved away in this church for the past thirty-eight years, and I’ve never been so close to anointment than I am now. Having to play their games, dance their political masquerades, and stroke their minute egos tires me. But, playing the game will be worth it in the end, once I ascend.

Visions visit me on greater occasion now, speaking of my success in this position. Pelor senses my greatness, the power of my faith, and knows that to be his greatest champion; I am needed to be in the most influential position for him to the masses. Even the common folk know of this. They are aware that I harbor a greater belief in Pelor than any who have come before me. I will bring Pelor, and with it Berathion, into a new age – an age of divine dominance.

Politicking is for lesser men than myself. And it seems that the Elves are making a mockery of the leniency I have granted them. The fool Ferenilas sits on his wooden throne beneath his crown of leaves and resists the strings of Fate that I weave? Why do they not see the Light of Pelor as I? Are they so arrogant that they feel themselves above the gods, above Pelor? Lessons need to be given and received before those pompous fools befoul my time.

This war is deteriorating my legacy. It can be for no good that it happened during my watch. What was that blasted Elf thinking, trampling out of the woods and challenging the plains? What is he after? And after I had achieved so much! He is ruining it, an intolerable threat that I cannot allow to live. Pelor, guide me with your wisdom so that I may know how to smite the inferiors before me. Send me an answer!

It does surprise me that Pelor would chose another to be the champion of this war, though I can understand that he did not wish me to be sacrificed as I am too valuable to His cause. I do not approve, however, of this Zolostran character claiming that all the gods are of equality when it remains so that Pelor is the greatest. As the remaining forces of the Horde retreat or are slain, thousands will flock to my doorstep. I shall show them the Light and only after will they be punished for not believing in their true god before. Yes, I think I shall make some amendments to our doctrine. It will serve the purposes well. Pelor, thank you for this insight. As always, your Light shines brightest and is a beacon for me. You favor me so.

She hit me! Me! The greatest of Pelor’s Priests ever to walk Delagraad! The nerve of the little wench! I shall see the wrath of Pelor sear her flesh to bone. To bone!

Fools on fool’s errands! The nerve of those, those… FOOLS! Thinking they can waltz in here, demanding favors? I am Durian, High Priest of Pelor! You do not demand of me – I demand of YOU! What is that blubbering idiot of an assistant thinking? What schemes are you plotting behind my back, little Orcen? Do you want the power that much? Are you that enthralled with it? Well, you can’t have it! Never! Not while I’m ali – wait, is that it? Are they to see me dead? Little Orcen, your plots will be fruitless. I already have my spies eyeing you. You can keep nothing from me! Nothing!

Durian Insights

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