de Geffriel Insights

During her watch Vanny thinks about the latest changes in her life.

Negative: 200 years! Damn that’s a long time, I wonder if one of the other guildmembers are still around. Perhaps that Cuppla elf? Nope, elves are not liked now.

Positive: At least I won’t have to report my failure to the Master of Assassins. And my rivals are gone too.

Negative: Apparently there are new kids in the block and they wear the Drizzt sigil. All my contacts are dead. I need to make new ones and that will take to spend a lot of moneis.

Positive: But all my debts are void… probably.

Negative: I don’t have gold or a guild. Will have to find some independent job and dodge the newer assassins guild bolts to make money.

Positive: Tho I can continue possing as a scout, perhaps admit that I’m a rogue, with these dummies. And they seem to be in the thick of it. Sooner or later somebody with gold will contact them. Better to stick with them then.

Negative: But they have lots of enemies, who was that Lan? why did she carry the sigil of the renegades?

Positive: 200 years woah that jerk of Katari will be dead and buried. Take that horny asshole.

Negative: But that leaves me without a boyfriend, winter will be cold.

Positive: But I didn´t kill the paladin, that was a overreacting move girl, and he fell for the other guy did it trick. And he looks cute to boot. Wonder what´s under the armor.

Making her mind to stay for a little bit longer with the group she walks around the fire and sits near sleeping Stoyan. She starts brewing tea to greet the paladin with a warm cup when he wakes up.


The guild master spent his seed inside her and rolled off with a satisfied grunt. She had been a difficult prize to catch, hiding for weeks from his usual agents. She had put up a fight at the beginning too, she had scratched him in defiance but after a savage beating she ended the struggle and allowed him to take her.

“See what you forced me to do? Your face is not that pretty anymore.” The master said rubbing his chest in discomfort, “if you had come as obediently I wouldn’t have to order my people to hurt your friends. I only wanted you but you had to play hard to get. I know your kind well always trying to hide what you really want.”

The girl left bed trying to put as much distance as she could while the master rubbed his chest again a fell smile on his face. With a mocking sad voice he spoke again. “You dared to injure me so now I´ll have to teach you pain. See what you are forcing me to do?”
His eyes widened when he finally looked at her. He was surprised that instead of the usual terrorized child the girl was staring at him through swollen eyes as if she was waiting for something to happen. His features started twitching in pain and with a gargle the man fell to the floor.

Suppressing the pain of her split lips the girl grinned before speaking. “You are dying to a very special poison, one that mimics an illness of the heart. It was in my nails, once I scratched you, you started dying.” a hand came up wiping the bloody snot running from her nose. “You maimed and killed my gang and I had to find friends to protect me fast. I found them.”

“Help me. Call… the servants.” The master struggled to say. “I´ll pay you…”

The girl spitted on him. “Help you? help you so you can rape and torture another girl you fancy?” wincing in pain she went to the remains of her clothing.
“Before I leave they gave me a message for you, a last thing for you to hear. They said that Grandfather disapproves of your actions. You went too far.” She watched the man trying to claw his way to the door. “This was my price to enter the Red Scales. I think it was cheap enough. Caina take you, bastard.”

Turning her back to the dying master, the girl went to the door. Screaming, she bolted open the locks and run, clutching her clothes to her naked form, in front of the guards. “The master is dying… help him…”

With a panicked gasp de Geffriel woke up from the feverish dream, biting down a scream ot terror. Shivering, she stared over the dying fire checking her surroundings. Hugging herself tightly she went through the guild trancing mantra. Shadow welcomes all. Shadow hides all. Lose yourself in Shadow and become no one.

After a few minutes she felt herself calm enough to open her eyes again. Taking a last deep breath to drive panic away she crawled to Stoyan’s sleeping form. You found somebody to protect you once. Paladins are born protectors, he will be easy. Just give him what everybody wants from you and he will take you in. He will be just like the others, just like the others. with that last thought de Geffriel cuddled behind Stoyan and tried to forget her past as fever took her back to sleep.

de Geffriel Insights

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