Cyrxx Insights

These are Cyrxx Kwikk insights to aid character development. The player is responsible for adding anything they want to enhance their character.

The guild, silly fools! They never know how to do anything proper! Thinking that we should abstain from aiding against the Horde, because magick is dangerous?! Yes, it is powerful and strong, and in the wrong hands it can be dangerous, but in the right hands, it is a tool to fight back these shadows, to ease the pain and suffering. Why is the Council so reluctant to help when there is such an apparent need?! These things, I don’t understand, and I fear I never will.

I arrive in Fareen tomorrow, having turned my back on the robes and Nefillia. I hope she will forgive me, but I could not sit idly by while this suffering persisted throughout the land. Perchance there is somewhere or someone I can lend my aid to in Fareen. I may not be able to offer much, but the rumors of so many refugees, maybe I can find the Craft among some and direct them to Astyr. Busy hands make light work. Boy, were those Dwarves right about that.

The pain grows within me. I know it’s the magick, unfocused and relenting. I’ve neglected it for too long. I’ve grown stronger for this negligence, but I fear I may soon pay the price. It yearns to escape, the break free, and my control over it is weakening. I don’t know what will happen, but I don’t have the time or the means to address it now. Astyr…They could help…But, no, I could never go back. Not now. Not ever.

Winn is dead? Why…How? I’ve spent the last few years searching for…hoping to return to help out Allie, but this, this would devastate the poor girl. Now, it seems my searching has been meaningless. There is nothing here but wasteland; destruction upon destruction, and that’s the good parts…

Hehehe, but those guys…should’ve seen their faces! When the land opened up beneath their feet, oh, boy, did they scream and holler! The best yet was the tent “catching fire”! Bwahahaha, they ran like a cat to water. Agh…my…head…

Gregor is with me now. He keeps the balance intact. He calms the nervousness too. Sometimes, he’s the only one who listens, the only one who talks to me. He’s a good one, that Gregor. Shouldn’t ever leave – nope, nope, nope – shouldn’t ever leave. Right, Gregor? You aren’t going anywhere.

Gloom has fallen on me this day. Betray the trust of those that took me in? That made me who I am. She doesn’t know. My will is not that weak. But, what can I do. I’d be destroyed if I don’t, or worse. No, I can’t. She means too much to me.

But Gregor, now, you can do it. Yes! You can go in and learn, can’t you? Would you be willing? Yes? How wonderful! I knew you were a friend, a dear friend. Always there for me, always helping. Never steered me wrong, nope, you’ve never steered me wrong. What would I be without you? Lost, yeah, lost. Oh, there’s Stoyan. I wonder if he’d like a flaming beard today. Heh heh heh…

Cyrxx Insights

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