Alaiya Insights

These are Alaiya Kavii insights to aid character development. The player is responsible for adding anything they want to enhance their character.

Alaiya watched the funny little gnome as he capered and showed off his magick to the small group of children in the orphanage’s yard. They laughed and clapped as he impressed them with lights and dancing shapes, and Alaiya felt a tug within herself each time magick sparked from his fingers.

Red, blue, yellow, green, purple… Her mind swam with colors that blurred and melded together too fast for her to follow. Each time the gnome sent up an illusion, the colors surged and pulled. Her little dark hiding corner felt as bright as a rainbow, and it frightened her. If anyone looked there was no way she could remain hidden.

But the children were having so much fun, and she could sense, somewhere, there was a part of her that wanted to join. It was small and numb, still hidden safely away deep inside, beyond the swirling colors. If she could only make them stay still for just a moment—

Footsteps drew her attention, and the gnome grinned at her and held out his hand. He stood just outside her shadowed corner, but close enough that she could reach him if she tried. Alaiya looked from his face to his fingers and back, the swirling colors a maelstrom in her head. His grin widened and he nodded encouragingly, hand still outstretched, and she watched him like a cornered animal.

“You’re safe, I promise.”

Whether he was lying or not she wanted to believe him, and after a long moment she slowly reached out and took his hand.

4/27 (Aftermath)

Alaiya sat in her room, staring at the wall, her fingers tapping against her knees. Stoyan had left to the dorms, and Cy and Elias were, she assumed, already asleep.

He deserved it, she thought. How could Stoyan let him say all those things? He wasn’t going to help us. She stilled her fingers and glared at the wall. Awful man. He’s nothing like Veth or even Stoyan. They at least will help people.

She climbed off the bed and paced in what little space the room offered. That was one perk about being so small.

But what if this other man can’t help us? Orcen means well, but what if he’s wrong about this man? Or what if we don’t make it in time? Her pacing sped up, her little feet making soft swishing sounds against the floor. Just what kind of poison could elude the priests of Pelor back home? How could a high priest even refuse to help someone in trouble? Why would Veth send us to see such an awful person? Trying to picture their kind Veth together with the awful high priest just made her head hurt. That awful, spiteful man!

Unbidden, her magick flared suddenly, crackling around her fingers and startling her. She sank to her knees instantly and pulled her hands close to her body, trying to stifle the magick. No, no, no! Colors danced across her arms, red and blue and green swirling together in a chaotic mess, growing dimmer and dimmer until they finally vanished and she let out her breath.

She sat on the floor a long time, until her breathing was even and she could call and dismiss her magick light without any difficulties.

“At least I only slapped him,” she muttered to herself, and returned to the bed.

Another light flickered and snuffed out behind Alaiya as the group made their way down the long corridor. Whether de Geffriel realized it or not, magick emanated from her with every flickering light, her gloves a beacon to anyone knowledgeable about the arcane. Again and again the magick surged and the lights danced, and Alaiya clenched her fists at her sides, anger slowly seething and roiling the magicks within her.


This isn’t for fun, she thought as they trudged on, the skin on the back of her neck crawling with each burst of magick. Why does she even have those gloves?


Cy fell to madness because of his magick, the world was nearly destroyed because of magick, and she just keeps playing with it!


Her own magick boiled within her, her aura awash in colors, and Alaiya rounded on the scout and grabbed her wrist, sparks dancing between them as she opened her mouth to yell. Stop it! Magick isn’t a toy, you stupid woman!

But the words wouldn’t come. They froze in her throat, lodged like a dead weight as her magick flared, and her hand began to tremble from the effort of trying to force the suppressed words out. Unable to break past the lump in her throat, she dropped the scout’s hand and shook her head sternly before returning to the front of the line.

What was that? I’ve never—


Alaiya trembled with barely suppressed anger but continued walking. Soon. She would deal with the woman when this was over. For now she would grit her teeth and bear it.

We fell for another ruse of Lan’s. She plays us and breaks us and now we’re surely heading into a trap. But how many days does Veth have left, truly? I’m afraid to even bring it up with Stoyan, to think that we’re already too late, but we’ve been following so many false trails. But at least he still has hope. There is still some chance that Veth can be saved despite Lan’s toying with us.

But Cy…

I miss him.

I haven’t prayed to you in longer than I can remember. I don’t even know if you can help; I just remember you as a hearth goddess Mother used to pray to. But please, if you can… Let them be happy. And tell them I’m sorry, and I love them, and, and…. Just…tell them. Please.

And Correlon, Sehanine… I’ve never prayed to you, I’ve never even thought to, but I’m doing so now. I will do whatever you will, go wherever you wish, just take me to them and help me stop them. What they’ve done is an abomination, and I cannot let it continue, but I can’t kill them on my own. Please, please, take me to them, give me the power I need to end Lan and her Dark Light, and I will do whatever you will. I beg you, please.

Alaiya Insights

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