Orcen Valingard

Long-time assistant to Durian Feivord.


Found himself in Gimlora shortly after the Brienalas attacked. Survived during the Calm and the Reckoning, something he attributes to Pelor. Has benefitted greatly from the recent occurrences in Delagraad as it has enabled him to see how a true High Priest handles challenges. Is being groomed for the position of High Priest of Pelor. Very charismatic and loved by many. Not as abrasive as Durian.


“May the Light, bless you. All gods should be revered, though Pelor has a special place in my heart. It was by his Light that I was spared during the Calm and the Reckoning. I aim to return that favor by living as humbly as I can in his Light. May the Light, bless you.”

~Orcen Valingard, Priest of Pelor, 494

Orcen Valingard

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