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This is the world of Delagraad – AS YOU CURRENTLY KNOW IT. There is a map in the maps section, which may or may not make this page irrelevant. But I will talk about stuff here too.

First, the map is NOT drawn to scale. Sucks to those that can’t live with that. The numbers near the roads (red lines) are the number of days it takes to travel. Everything is color-coded, but for those that still can’t see (huzzah for bleh-scanners), I’ll talk about them here.

There are two continents – Upper and Lower. They each have a name, Vermirth and J├╝staria respectively. The mountain range is the Kaliois Mountains, which the Dwarves and Gnomes live under. Cestrian, also called the Fire Plains, is in the southwest part of the world and is prone to tremendous winds and fires, keeping larger vegetation out. People that live here are mostly nomadic. The majority of the north is forest, where the Elves live. There are three main rivers that flow out of the Kaliois (currently no names): the eastern and western ones effectively acting as the southern border of the Upper Continent, while the southern one branches and serves numerous purposes. It cuts off the Fire Plains and also the northern border of the Lower Continent, feeds into the massive lake (Mountain’s Mirror), cut off the progress of the cursed swamp land, and draws the southern border of Gimlora, the land where the Paladins and Clerics train.

Speaking of which, the wall the races built to protect the holiest of sites extends from the Kaliois to the sea. This wall is manned by the Paladins and their towns prosper on both sides. During conflict, they retreat through the wall to the other side, which was critical during the Calm and the Reckoning.

The hashed lines around Gimlora and north of Cestrian indicate land, but that middle strip that includes Ilian, Mountain’s Mirror, the rivers, and Gimlora do not essentially belong to either continental mass. Like Central America. You can consider it a large neutral zone. Like Switzerland.

People are aware of Hagard’s Keep east of Fareen, but no one in the group has traveled there. (Needs to be developed if and when seen fit). They are also aware of roads leading into the Elven lands, and some offshoots, but as how the Elves effectively limited access before completely closing off their borders, few know what lies beneath the trees. Same goes for the Dwarven lands, unless you’re a Dwarf or Gnome.

Speaking of rivers out of the mountains, should have added this: rivers extend east and west from the mountains to create the southern borders of both Nosatral and Tanstilanestyr.

The eastern sea is called the Elien Sea. The western is the Karanicantra, literally, “Sea of Lost Souls”.

This is another crude drawing and we can add things as we develop the world. So don’t be pooh-heads.

Oh, and on the map, Ravengaurd is a misspelling of Ravenguard. Bite me.
Damnit! And you don’t know about Portari – “The Lost Isles”. Didn’t white the name out when adjusting everything. Bite me again.

World of Delagraad - Map

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