Vernalbloom is a potent floral compound used in many healing potions and ointments. It was used by nearly all healers during the Time of Magick despite its rarity. Vernalbloom, in spite of its obvious benefits. was always treated delicately, especially after it was discovered that some people had negative reactions when ingesting too much of the potent herb. Usually, the powder from ground up specimens or serums created with the oils of the buds would suffice, but in dire circumstances, the whole of the bud needed to be ingested. The healing properties were substantial, though there were reported and well documented cases were individuals who ingested too much raw vernalbloom became overwhelmingly sick. This sickness was irreversible and the cause of death immanent. Even under controlled circumstances, the purging of a body by the vernal bloom eradicated all objects in a person’s body, purifying them to the point of death. Over time, however, it has been phased out due to its rarity and obvious potential threat, and replaced by similarly effective, but less potent compounds. The Clerics of Pelor were among the most knowledgeable users of the lichen before its demise.

It is considered blanket lichen – possessing various shades of lush, underlying greens and speckled with bright yellows and soft oranges. The buds, where the seedlings are kept and pollinated, are nestled deep within the meat of the lichen, sprouting only when mature enough to begin their own progeny. More often than not, this occurs through the aids of wildlife or natural means, such as water or wind. However, the conditions for vernalbloom’s success are strict.

The lichen can survive only in damp climates, with sparse traces of light allowing for photosynthesis. Too much light dries out the blanket and turns the meat brittle. Immature seedlings also tend to crack and dry if exposed to too much light. Additionally, the soils in which the vernalbloom prospers most are rarely suitable to most other flora; they prefer hard, granitic areas rich in sulfur and clay. These acidic environs tend to stave off most other plant life, making for the vernalbloom to procreate unimpeded.

During the Reckoning, agents of the Horde found that corrupted vernalbloom would produce an advantageous and unsightly effect on the races of Delagraad. Once the corrupted lichen was consumed, the victim’s blood would begin to stagnate causing the flesh to decay. This would eventually lead to the removal of the need to breath, replacing it instead with photosynthesis. The plant, while it killed, kept the victim “alive”.


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