The Reckoning

“The gods themselves are locked in a war that we cannot begin to understand, but they have not abandoned us. Look to Gimlora and you will see that. Hell, look around; look at yourselves! It must be up to us to quiet this threat! We are their children, and we must stand on our own. We must find a way to persevere or we will perish.”

~Wervin Un’Kriss, Lord General, 518

Shadow creature 8

Thousands of shadow creatures, known as the Horde, emerged from the manifestations of the vile magicks released from Brienalas’s conquests. As they tore through the land, decimating all in its path, Brienalas worked his magicks to bend the chaotic will of the beasts. Slowly, at the sacrifice to countless Elves, the Blood King accumulated an army of aberrant shadow creatures powerful enough to succeed in the eradication of the Human race.

By the will of the gods, even Brienalas’s newfound powers could not overcome the great wall of Gimlora, as the beasts were turned away for years. The Paladins and Clerics of the wall maintained their vigilant watch with fresh supplies constantly streaming from the Dwarven lands to the north.

In 522, in the town of Torin, the tide began to turn against the Blood King. A young mage, called Zolostran, appeared, wielding magicks unseen in the lands since the peak of the Time of Magick. He swept through the Horde, burning the shadows with unparalleled power as he won back the tower of Wintral. Throughout the year, he freed villages and towns, amassing an army through his campaign.

In the winter of 522, he broke through the Elven lands of Tanstilanestyr. As his army drove back the Elves of the Blood King, Zolostran raced to the tower of Rystavansti. On the precipice of the tower, beneath the endless sky and the eyes of the gods, Zolostran sacrificed his life to stop Brienalas and bring an end to the Reckoning.

The Reckoning

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