The Dark Light

“Let them search. They might find us, some of us at least, but they’ll never survive. The shadows will keep them and drive them mad. And, if they somehow get through the shadows, they’ll have to deal with me. Like I said, let them search. I could use the entertainment.”

~Lan, the Quick, 524

Rogue hideout

Rumors exist of this nefarious group, infiltrators of the night. Using the vast networks upon which the city of Fareen was built and exploiting the chaos, the Dark Light prospered from the wars. Dealing in all kinds of questionable business, from slavery to thievery, from gambling to smuggling, the group attracted its fair share of followers. Only those able to meet the strict demands of their leader, Lan, the Quick, and prove their worth were given the sacred tattoo that would forever distinguish them as an elite – an extinguished candle on the underside of their forearm.

Their hideouts are scattered throughout the city, entrances scattered about and known only to a few. Guards constantly lose their tracks around corners, turning into solid walls, or having searches of dilapidated homes turn up completely empty. They are stealthy, dangerously so, and conniving bastards that will use any means necessary to achieve their goals. They feast on exploiting the weak, garnering debts from all manner of residents, and using intimidating tactics to keep mouths such. The people want an answer and it is getting harder and harder to find.

The Dark Light

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