Known fully as Sheela Peryroyl, she is the deity of Nature, Agriculture, and Weather. Her symbol is the daisy flower and her sacred animal is a butterfly.

Sheela is distant and somewhat aloof by the standards of minor deities, being patron of the balance between work and play, both toil in the fields and the celebration afterwards. She plays no favorites in the tension between pleasure and woe.

Sheela is generally depicted as a pretty maiden, short in stature, with brightly colored wildflowers woven in her hair. She is quiet, though her face is smiling and her eyes are dancing. She may also be depicted as laughing. Her singing causes flowers to bloom, trees to bud, and seeds to sprout, and living plants grow and flower wherever her feet have touched the earth. She brings good weather when she is pleased, but may also summon droughts or floods if she is angry.

Sheela teaches of the balance between the wild and the tame, the feral and the tended, and decrees that it is necessary to preserve the wilds to balance cultivated land. She is not opposed to changing natural landscapes, but believes this must happen through slow adaptation rather than crudely introducing upheaval to the land.


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