Sehanine Moonbow, a neutral deity, is the goddess of the moon, autumn, and love. She favors a moonstaff, a type of quarterstaff, and is associated with Corellon. Adamant is her belief that mortals should choose their own paths, free from divine intervention. This does not mean that she forgoes communion with mortals, she simply wants them to seek her favor. She also opposes those who use the night for evil and vie deeds, believing that it should be used instead for rest, recovery, and refuge. Due to this, she abhors Zehir.

As befits the goddess of mysteries, Sehanine is cloaked in secrets and illusions and rarely speaks her mind directly, preferring to communicate through a process of dreams, visions, and other mystic experiences. The Goddess of Moonlight is truly spiritual and ephemeral being who evades any attempt to define her. Her serenity surrounds her like a mantle of moondust.

Sehanine’s faithful view life as a series of mysteries veiled by Sehanine herself. The spirits of Elves discover new mysteries once they transcend their mortal existences. Sehanine unveils the next step through dreams and visions revealed during the Elven reverie. Worshippers of Sehanine revere the moons, feeling their pull in their souls like tides in the ocean.

Worshippers of Sehanine Moonbow seek out and destroy undead creatures, for Sehanine holds such creatures — with the notable exceptions of Baelnorn and other good-aligned undead beings who voluntarily prolong their existence in order to serve their kin — to be blasphemous.


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