Pelor is the god of the sun, light, strength, and healing and is often attributed with the salvation of Delagraad from the Reckoning. He is also known as the Shining One, and the Sun Father outside of civilized establishments. A god of good, his holy symbol is a face in a sun.

In addition to his role as god of the sun, he is also the seasonal god of summer. Many mortals believe, through the good brought about by continuing improving life in the cities, that he is in a relationship with Erathis, the goddess of civilization, with whom he shares a magnificent palace. Much is made of Pelor’s relationship with Sehanine Moonbow, who early worshippers believed to be opposed to Pelor. However, it has become accepted that the cool shadows that result from the moonlight are considered light and work in accordance to Pelorian beliefs. This does not include, however, the cold shroud of the Raven Queen.

Among the other gods, Pelor is allied most closely with Mayaheine, and very closely allied with Rao as well. Pelor’s other allies include Heironeous, Saint Cuthbert, Pholtus, Trithereon, and Zodal. Pelor is friendly to good-aligned non-human deities, such as Corellon Larethian, Moradin, and Garl Glittergold, and is especially friendly to those with an agricultural or solar aspect, such as Yondalla.

Pelor opposes all evil deities and his followers avoid neutral deities with teachings counter to Pelor’s. Pelor particularly loathes Tharizdun, having played a role in the Dark God’s imprisonment, and Nerull.


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