Paladins are the chosen warriors of their god. The headquarters of the Paladin forces, as well as their large training center, are located in Berathion, Gimlora’s main city. Paladins supply forces to the garrisons of Gimlora, hold watch over the wall, and protect Coris from all who would want to harm it. However, not all Paladins are located in Gimlora* as they are able to move and support their god’s interest throughout the world. During the Reckoning, the Paladins defended the wall of Gimlora against the constant onslaught of the Horde, who destroyed the western half of the region. It was through their valiant efforts that Coris was saved.

How one becomes a Paladin is not yet understood by those who are not Paladins; as a general rule they are loathe to go into detail about it. What is generally known is that the gods choose Paladins from among their followers – those who will serve as strong examples of their teaching in the world.

It is possible for a Paladin to turn against their god, but it does not often happen. When it does, though, the god’s other Paladins will hunt the errant one down and punish them as their god commands.

*Currently there are only Paladins of a Neutral or Good alignment in Gimlora. It is known that there are Evil Paladins, but they have never chosen to join the forces in Gimlora for training or the protection of Coris.


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