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The Adventure Begins…

Inn of the drunken sailor

“The Drunken Sailor” was sullen, the grey skies adding to the sadness of the day’s ceremony. Nearly half the ward turned out for Winn’s funeral, not to mention a number of her former orphans, thanks to the efforts of Alaiya Kavii. Tonight, amidst the small groups congregating, Cyrxx spied the old Cleric, Veth, who had helped jump start the Orphanage so many years ago. The man seemed to take Winn’s death harder than most, and Cyrxx felt a twinge of pain for the Cleric. He worked his way through the tables, a tedious task for the Gnome, as another man approached Veth. They exchanged a quick word and Veth smiled warmly at the man as they embraced. Then he patted him on the shoulder and offered him a seat.

Cyrxx recognized Stoyan’s stance before anything else. His left hip still jutted out to the side as he stood, arms crossed. His long locks of dirty-blond hair rested loosely on the broad frame of his shoulders and Cryxx had to chuckle to himself. Stoyan had grown a lot since the Wizard had last seen him, but he still was small compared to the hulking Veth.

The Gnome worked his way through the last bits of crowd and flung himself up on a stool near the two Humans. Veth turned as the stool rocked slightly beneath Cyrxx’s momentum. Upon seeing his old friend, his eyes began watering. The Cleric hoisted the small Wizard off the stool and gave him a great bear hug. Cyrxx whimpered beneath the might of the squeeze, but managed to pat Veth solemnly on the shoulder. With a comforted sigh, Veth replaced the Gnome on his stool and turned toward the crowd, motioning someone over.

Cyrxx met Stoyan’s blue eyes and nodded, sharing a wordless exchange with the man. There was something different about him that Cyrxx could not quite place, a peace about him that seemed to have settled the anger and rage he had possessed. A warm feeling swelled in Cyrxx’s chest as he took solace that Winn’s efforts had indeed worked.

The clatter of mugs on the oaken table snapped Cyrxx back to the tavern as he noticed the crowds had thinned. As Veth and Stoyan picked up and began draining their mugs, Cyrxx motioned across the table as a chasm opened up through its middle. A tiny giggle escaped from the lips of the person to his left as the chasm faded away into mist. He turned to face the younger Human woman, who barely stood over the Gnome. Alaiya’s hair still flowed elegantly around her shoulders, as it had in her youth, and her robes swayed as the wind rushed in through an open window. A faint smile crossed his face to see the aura of magick still shining strong.

“You always liked that trick,” Cyrxx said, as he picked up his mug and sipped lightly. He let his mind relax as the rush of Dwarven ale flowed down his throat.

(To be continued…)

Our companions congregate after years of exploring the land, reuniting to celebrate the life of Mother Winn, the woman who raised them. When they had left, they knew little of Delagraad. Now, there are whispers of evil rising, stirrings of powers only known to be harnessed in the Time of Magick. Reports of strange creatures have emerged, and there is talk of aberrant beasts and chaotic elements rampaging through the lands. The races are fighting their own battles, political and territorial, and the rift among them grows.

What have the companions discovered and where will the Fates take them?

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