“Breathe in deeply and concentrate. Close your mind off and focus inward. Look into yourself, into your mind, and search for it. It should be searching for you as well. There, within, will be a swirling mass of light. This is the magick. Colors – red, blue, green, violet, yellow – twist about, fighting one another, trying to win your affection. There will be a victor. A strand of light will reach out to you and you must not deny it. Grab a hold of it and never let go. Strengthen the strand, grow with it, and let it lead. But be cautious; deny the others and they will fall weak. You will have imbalance and the magick will turn to chaos.”

~Nefillia Centuris, Scholar of the Red, 491


Magick is innate within certain individuals of Delagraad. No one knows why some are born with the Craft and others not. There is a tendency that innate ability is tied to heritage, though there are numerous cases where non-magical bloodlines have yielded offspring who possess magick and vice-versa.

A person’s capabilities are mostly random at the outset, though someone who applies themselves to training can enhance their powers more than someone who does not. If two individuals are determined to have the same innate ability, the one who trains their mind and body the most to tap into the natural potential will almost always outdo the one who is content with not training. It must also be noted that someone with less potential can overtake someone with greater potential if they are willing to out-train the latter.

In some recorded cases it has been noted that without proper discipline magick will devour an individual with high amounts of innate power. Additionally, if training if solely focused on one of the five aspects of Magick, and the others fall to negligence, the inner magick becomes unbalanced and chaotic. The consequence of this negligence varies, driving some mad while others simply vanish, but it is widely accepted that without consistent training of both mind and body, one does eventually lose themselves to the magick.

“Magick is as natural to the world as breathing. It just so happens that some breath through lungs and others through gills.”

~Cyrxx Kwikk, 498


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