An unfortunate by-product of the wars, they mostly hail from the decimated village of Yamor’i, which lied nestled between the eastern forest and the western mountains. The people there were some of the first to feel the brunt of Brienalas’s attack, and the survivors were later found by the Horde.

The massive amounts of magick into their homeland severely altered their appearance, and though it granted them unknown abilities, it came at a cost. They were considered monsters now, both Human and Elf alike, and were hunted down at every moment. Though Brienalas and his armies tried to subdue them and incorporate them into his forces, they resisted and instead fled into the safety of the Kaliois. There, they remained, surviving at all costs.

Few have seen them since the beginnings of the wars, but rumors are they now walk among the carnage wrecked upon Delagraad, willing to help people pick up their lives with hope that they will be less judged. There are, however, some who would rather watch those suffer.

Lycans can appear as normal to many other races, though they have a distinct smell that separates them from other Lycans, should they be present. To the trained nose, one who routinely works with wild animals, he would experience a similar scent; though likely attribute it to their work in the woods. Once shifted, they appear as the animal they were merged with, from the fur to the claws, and hind quarters. However, they retain their eyes, which are always full of awareness. Very few, who have mastered their lycanthropy, can completely shift from humanoid to animal with no adverse effects.


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