Home of the Violet Robes, Kalien was saved from the mobs following the end of the Reckoning at a great cost to the land. The mages there, not wishing to see their tower destroyed, made it near impossible for any to reach their tower by land. Overlooking the sheer cliffs of the Elien Sea, ships find it impossible to anchor, though some fools have tried.

Mages of the Violet tend to focus in deceptive magick and illusions. They were accepted in the mage circles because none who possess the Craft are to be denied, but it was thought that behind closed doors, people are wary of them.

Some rumors persist that during the Time of Magick, High Mages in Kalien had been able to tap into the Forbidden. It is unknown what the state of the tower is in today, though most believe it to be functioning. Access to the Kalien from Paladöor has been limited to only a select few mages in the High Council, though there is an occasional Violet Robe seen in the Floating Tower.

It is located on the Lower Continent of Jüstaria.


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