Gimlora is located between Vermirth and Jüstaria, along the eastern coast of Delagraad. It is surrounded by high mountain peaks to the north that are essentially impassable. There are three main roads the lead out of Gimlora. Two are located on the western edge of the province, while one is on the east. Each road is protected by a large garrison of Paladin forces.

Gimlora experiences long hot summers and cold rainy winters. While farms located here will never produce a large surplus, the land is enough to support the population. The economy is also supported by the many pilgrims that journey to the city of Berathion, the capital. It is also where the main Paladin and Cleric training are centered.

An important feature of Gimlora is the long Dwarven built wall that bisects the middle of the region. It reaches 125 miles from the mountains in the north to the sea to the south. One legend says that when people first came to the shores of Delagraad they landed in what would become Gimlora. There were strange, wild creatures in the land, and the wall had been built to protect the people of Gimlora. As the population grew they pushed out from Gimlora and now inhabit all regions of the continent.t

Now, the wall serves as the final defense for the temples in Berathion and to protect the people from invading forces. Contained within the wall itself is the spiritual heart of Delagraad, known as Coris. There is little room within Coris to worship, so temples there are very small, but they are considered the most sacred of all places. Each temple within Coris has a larger corresponding temple outside the wall.

All gods are allowed to have a temple within Coris, however, as of this time select deities have chosen to forgo having their followers build one. A plot of land remains available for them should they choose to use it.

During the Reckoning, the western half of Gimlora fell. The people were able to escape to the eastern side of the wall. This area, including Coris, was never breached thanks to the strong defense of the Paladins and joint armies there.


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