“Life ’ere’s as quick as a thief an’ as hard as a sailor. Keep ya head down an’ ya mouth shut an’ ya should be jus’ fine.”

~Deire Spitcoin, Innkeeper of The Drunken Sailor, 525


A bustling port city, Fareen resides on the eastern shores of the upper continent, Vermirth. On clear days, one can see across the Elien Sea to Hagard’s Keep, an isolated community full of criminals who rule by the sword. The Paladins of Gimlora to the south protected the land from invasion as the Dwarves manned the passes of the Kaliois Mountains.

Fareen itself is a social hub of activity, being the rare safe haven during the Calm and the Reckoning. The variety of people from all over Delagraad lead to the erection of numerous temples and devout followers, though the most well known are the Clerics of Pelor. The god is believed to favor the city, and, given the events of the past 30 years, few could discredit that belief.

Those that practice magick are also not as vilified as in other parts of Delagraad, so the nearby tower of Astyr maintains an ample supply of recruits, most of which come from the displaced. Given the lack of mob mentality thanks to the influence of the Paladins and Clerics, people understand that it was not so much the magick that lead to the Reckoning as much as the corruption of it by the Blood King. Though pockets of hesitancy exist, they remain only pockets.

Also of note in the city is the result of years of efforts of Winn Terafin and Veth Grassier, two individuals who saw the trouble brewing at the start of the wars and erected an orphanage to help wayward children. Many flocked to Mother Winn’s open doors, and over the years, she had had many helpers, but none as devout nor as tireless as the Cleric, Veth. The Gnome, Cyrxx Kwikk was also instrumental in the development of the orphanage, though he often left on journey’s to discover the magicks he forfeited when he left the walls of Astyr.

Near the docks exists numerous taverns, inns, and other places of interest for sailors returning from low bouts at sea. The most popular of these, The Drunken Sailor, sits just off the main thoroughfare in a large four-story building and is home to some of the most potent Dwarven ale in Fareen. True to its namesake, the inn is known also for its fights, but the Dwarves who run it usually put the offenders out with the rubbish, lending to an aura of comfortableness for the weary traveler.


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