Figures generally suited to the dark, Assassins have moved beyond stereotypes and began integrating themselves in everyday life. Better able to disguise themselves in crowds and among the populace, when their targets are less expecting and less guarded, Assassins began gaining notoriety in the movements of the mid 300’.

Still, they prefer shadows, and, as such, are extremely adept at moving through them and manipulating them to their advantage. Some can hide in shadows of any shape or size, making every point imaginable a trap. Honing their skills to seemingly unnatural levels, some believe that they are mages who forgo the traditional venues of magick and instead use it to enhance themselves. However, that is only rumor and fairytale.

To become an assassin, one must be skilled at disguising himself, moving silently, and hiding from his targets. The final step is to prove his worth by hunting down and killing a target in cold blood, for no other reason than to prove his worthiness of the title.

The abilities of an assassin are aimed at being able to kill or incapacitate a target while reducing the risk to the individual. They are skilled at dealing unexpected sneak attacks and can poison their blades with expertise. With training they can deliver pin-point attacks that can instantly kill their targets; alternatively, if the target is wanted alive they can merely paralyze the target, allowing time for them to be tied up, placed in manacles or otherwise restrained. The most skilled assassins can even hide themselves while in plain sight of a person.


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