Healer of the nomads living in the forest in northern Gimlora


“What the land gives to us deserves our gratitude. Without the land, whose beauty would we see? Whose feast would we indulge in? We should live to prosper and protect, not only the land, but the creatures of the land. All of them. Only by opening ourselves to others will they be able to open in return. This is not an easy path, but it is a necessary one.”

~Paejin, Master of the Herb, 514

A gentle man, he took great care to learn the ways of the land in order to help his people survive following the wars. Primarily self-trained, he has found ways of accentuating the body’s natural healing process through various natural compounds. His skills are easily on par with the Clerics of Pelor, dwarfed only by some of the most trained and educated in Berathion. Because of this, most of the people regard him with the safe respect the give the elder, and all anticipate he will become the new one when time dictates.


Delagraad Jdteen