Mother Winn Terafin

Head of the Orphanage in Fareen. Connection between our companions.


“I am proud of all my children. Yes, even Arren. Though it saddens me to see him, at least he had a choice. All I can do is give them the life to choose. Better that and to be taken by a hand than have no choice given by a demon.”

~Mother Winn, on the death of Arren Firre, 523

Born in the town of Torin in 468, Winn Terafin became known to her orphaned children as Mother Winn. She was from Torin on the western shores of J├╝staria. When the Blood King struck in 493 she lost her family and fled to Fareen, beyond the walls of Gimlora. On her way she met Veth Grassier, a Cleric of Sehanine, and together they established an orphanage for war orphans. Her motives for the Orphanage started out as selfish, as she hoped that each new face might be one of hers, but turned purer as the hopeless needed someone to turn to.

In 494, she met the Gnome, Cyrxx Kwikk, who, along with Veth, helped her care for and raise the children of the war. No child ever left her care feeling unloved.

In the year 525, at the age of 57 and just three years after the end of the Reckoning, she died in the town of Fareen. Many mourned the loss of such a great woman.

Mother Winn Terafin

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