• de Geffriel

    de Geffriel

    A naïve girl coming back to the world after a lengthy ordeal. Or is she more than appears?
  • Elias Burrow

    Elias Burrow

    Traveling Gnomish Artificer who sells his concoctions to willing purveyors of liquid magick.
  • Stoyan Mihaylov

    Stoyan Mihaylov

    Human Paladin
  • Aaron


    A young boy of Fareen, 11 years of age.
  • Brienalas Riverwood, The Blood King

    Brienalas Riverwood, The Blood King

    Young Prince of the Elves who rose to power after he killed his father, Ferenilas. Was known as the Blood King.
  • Cyrxx Kwikk

    Cyrxx Kwikk

    Gnome Wizard Illusionist who worked closely with Winn Terafin. Traveled in the armies near the end of The Reckoning, though never saw battle.
  • Durian Feivord, High Priest of Pelor

    Durian Feivord, High Priest of Pelor

    High Priest of Pelor since 485. Oversaw the wars from Berathion.
  • Lan, the Quick

    Lan, the Quick

    Halfling leader of The Dark Light.
  • Mother Winn Terafin

    Mother Winn Terafin

    Head of the Orphanage in Fareen. Connection between our companions.
  • Orcen Valingard

    Orcen Valingard

    Long-time assistant to Durian Feivord.
  • Paejin


    Healer of the nomads living in the forest in northern Gimlora
  • Tereson


    Elder of the nomads living in the forest
  • The Hermit

    The Hermit

    A man who chose to abandon the civilized world and live among the woods.
  • Uthal


    A big human with a touch of melting in the woodwork
  • Veth Grassier

    Veth Grassier

    Cleric of Sehanine. Currently incapacitated in the city of Fareen.
  • Zolostran, The Prism Mage

    Zolostran, The Prism Mage

    The man who was responsible for the fall of the Blood King