Interlude : The Fury of a Mother

Delagraad Campaign

Your sleep is deep and peaceful. Darkness overcomes your mind, but it relaxes you, eases the pain, calms you to your core. You stay, undisturbed, in this perpetual peace, yearning never to awaken. A cool breeze brushes over your face, bringing a soft hint of a smile to your lips. As your eyelids flutter, trying to catch the breeze for themselves, a whisper encourages you in your ear. “You can achieve greatness…”

You feel empowered, like you can catch the breeze and fly away, able to accomplish anything. As the breeze picks up, you awaken, disturbed by the suddenness of it. The wind increases its strength exponentially, slipping beneath your back and pivoting you up on the heels of your feet. You move forward a little beneath the power of the wind wondering what happened to that peaceful sleep. The voice, though, resonates in your ear once more, proud in nature. “Take wing, young one. Earn your place. Defend yourself!”

The wind now comes in massive bursts, each one pounding you into the ground. If you try to stand, you are beat down. A step forward shifts the wind and you are pushed back. A step backwards and the wind tosses you forward. Your eyes are closed once more, but out of survival, not for sleep. The wind whips around you, unrelenting. The voice returns, venomous in its words. “You are mine now! You have no control for taking from me. Your freedom is what I shall deem it to be!”



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