Delagraad Campaign

The fog rolled softly over the exposed roots of the trees, cascading over their chipped bark like gently lapping waves of the ocean’s rim. Worming in out of the murky waters of the mire, the roots rose and fell like the mythical serpent of the seas. Dark green algae and lichen hung loosely off their arches, lifeless tendrils draping across the landscape like curtains hiding a window’s view. It made the trek into the depths of the mire even more treacherous, a journey of caution and apprehension as no one knew what existed behind those troublesome shades.

The lantern’s light carried only a few yards beyond the steps of it’s holder, unable to penetrate the thickness of the fog and chase away the night. While this seemed initially a troublesome inconvenience, as the voyage deeper into the mire went, the more substantial the realization became that this was beneficial. As no unwanted attention was garnered and no unwelcome visitors interrupted to sniff and pry about, it became clear that the limits of the lantern were more a blessing than a curse. Traveling was slower, yet safer, something all set foot in the mire would pray for.

Amidst the faded yellow glow of the lantern’s light emerged a dim, iridescent glimmer of an emerald green light. It cut through the haze with ease, though its shine did not illuminate far beyond the outstretched palm of the hand that held it. The light rolled over itself, rotating gently in the flesh, as though searching for something. This continued mostly in silence, the plop of lichen in water or the creak of a branch the only greetings of the mire. Soon, the light yielded to a singular direction, rocked quickly once more, and was flushed out as the hand clasped over it.

The course changed, the figure leapt from the arching root they were perched on in the new direction. Occasionally, a mat of algae proved treacherous, but the figure kept their balance as they cautiously plowed ahead. One hundred yards further in the new direction, the emerald light emerged once more and began its spinning dance. Once settled, it was snuffed out and the figure continued on through the mire’s night, disappearing into the folds of shadows.



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